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Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Forward

Read more about LPCS' successes in Fiscal Year 2013 


We are proud to present another year of success at LPCS.  We continue to respond to the needs of our clients in every program, providing the support and resources to regain and maintain housing for the long-term.  Our On Track Program helped more than 70% of Guests gain housing and more than 75% of Graduates remain stable two years later. 

More change is afoot at LPCS!  Building on our strong program success that continued through 2013, our Board of Directors has embarked on a new strategic plan.  For many years, our dream was to have our own space, built to suit our needs.  In 2007, we completed construction of the rehabbed space in partnership with Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church.  Almost immediately, Board members began asking, “What’s next?” and many conversations later, we decided to add permanent housing to our continuum of programs, and to remain open to ways to deepen our employment services. 

In summer 2013, we launched our sister organization, Independent Community Living, LLC, and began housing the first Residents in the Independent Community Living Program, offering a housing subsidy paired with social services to highly vulnerable individuals who are homeless and disabled.  This past year, we also began offering employment services on-site once a month in partnership with the Center for Changing Lives, offering deeper collaboration for our Guests seeking employment to be referred to open positions through a job developer and improve their credit through a financial coach.

Even while these projects were in development, the Board  undertook the task of planning, conducting a “Listening Tour” to engage Board, staff, funders, volunteers, service partners, Guests, and Graduates of LPCS in sharing their thoughts on our strengths and direction over the next several years.  Out of this multi-layered process, we revised our Mission to emphasize the importance of the entire community in, as well as the long-term impacts of our work: LPCS brings communities together to empower homeless men & women to make and sustain life changes.

We also identified new directions for our work, incorporating Chicago’s revised Plan to End Homelessness, preventing homelessness before it starts and shortening shelter stays in any ways we can.  Over the next five years, we will:




1.      Expand housing resources that meet the variety of needs of our clients. 

2.      Develop programs that promote economic independence throughout the employment life cycle.

3.      Enrich and/or expand our role in becoming a first point of contact for those experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. 

4.      Become a high-functioning organization.

5.      Participate in and influence the implementation of the citywide Plan 2.0



We are excited about our new priorities and look forward to finding new and creative ways, with the continued support of our volunteers and supporters, to best serve our Community Clients, Guests, Graduates and permanent housing Residents in the year to come.