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Meal Information for Volunteers

At LPCS, we try to encourage a healthy variety of food for our Guests. To help us make this possible, please note the meals that have been cooked in the past few days. Below, you can find some suggestions for meals to help us vary the dinners each night. Thank you for your support!


Tuesday, October 7th:

  • Dinner: Tex-Mex casserole 

Wednesday, October 8th:

  • Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon, eggs, strawberries, bananas, orange juice
  • Dinner: chicken vesuvio, spinach caesar, pound cake 

Thursday, October 9th:

  • Breakfast: Scambled eggs, bacon, three bean salad, hash brown patties, fruit, juice, coffee
  • Dinner: Spaghetti, meat sauce, salad, carrots, garlic bread, ice cream, milk, juice

Friday, October 10th:

  • Diner: Tijuana torte, refried beans, rice, lemonade, brownies and cookies

Saturday, October 11th:

  • Salmon, vegetarian couscous, carrots with dip, rolls, lemonade, apple crumble 

Sunday, October 12th:

  • Garden salad, bread, penne pasta with marinara, Italian sausage with meatballs, olives, spumoni, grape juice, milk

Monday, October 13th:

  • Dinner: Vegetable medly soup, mashed potatoes, spinach balls, ham, pumpkin pie

Tuesday, October 14th:

  • Dinner: Enchiladas (chicken and vegetarian), broccoli, rice

Wednesday, October 15th:

  • Breakfast: French toast, eggs, yogurt, parfaits, turkey bacon

Thursday, October 16th:

  • Pulled chicken sandwiches, green beans, mashed potatos, pickles, cookies

Friday, October 17th: 

  • Dinner: Baked zitti, broccoli

Saturday, October 18th:

  • Lunch: Moroccan eggs and tomato sauce, chili, lemonade
  • Dinner: Split pea soup, chicken soup, goulash, sausage corn chowder, bread, salad

Sunday, October 19th:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, biscuits, fruit
  • Salmon fillets, orzo, mixed salad, asparagus, pies, ice cream

Monday, October 20th:

  • Dinner: Italian beef, mazzarella sticks w/marinara, corn, salad, lemonade, brownies

Current Allergies and Food Restrictions:


As always, please try to keep healthy options in mind when planning a meal for the Guests. Thanks!

Meal Ideas and some recipes:

Looking for some Sack Lunch ideas/tips?
  • Sandwiches:
    • Make a wrap instead of a sandwich - same concept, new presentation!
    • Try a variation on Peanut Butter & Jelly (ex. Peanut Butter & Banana, Peanut Butter & Honey, Peanut Butter, Jelly, & Apple, Almond Butter & Jelly, Peanut Butter and Strawberries etc.)
    • Egg, Tuna, or Chicken Salad - You can put lettuce between the bread and the salad to keep the bread from getting soggy.
  • Snacks:
    • Ants on a Log (Celery w/Peanut Butter & Raisins) or change it up with Almond Butter and/or Craisins
    • Carrots and Hummus
    • Pretzels (or Pretzel Chips!)
    • Cheese & Crackers
    • Hard-Boiled Eggs
    • Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits
    • Granola Bars
    • Yogurt
  • Ways to expand Sack Lunches for a group activity:
    • Decorate the bags
    • Write notes such as "Have a Great Day!"
    • Bake some desserts, such as homemade chocolate chip cookies
    • Write all the contents of the bag on the outside