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 On Track Program

The On Track Program challenges guests to address the reasons for homelessness and barriers to self-sufficiency. The program is designed to address individual needs; each Guest selects a primary Track and many choose an additional secondary Track.

  • Track 1: Addictions Recovery
  • Track 2: Mental & Physical Health
  • Track 3: Employment & Education

The On Track Program allows Guests to see beyond the present and their immediate, basic needs, instead focusing on planning for the future by setting goals to return to self-sufficiency and housing.

The On Track Program offers many services to help achieve these goals:

  • Intensive Case Management that provides referrals to job training, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services.
  • Daily group activities, support groups, and classes, which provide educational and personal enhancement opportunities to Guests. Group activities promote a healthy community, and include daily educational and support groups on topics including job search, healthy lifestyles, and daily living skills enhancement. 
  • Medical and mental health evaluations, with referrals to treatment as needed.
  • The opportunity to give back to the larger community through volunteer service: Guests in Volunteer Experience (GIVE).
  • Savings Program, in which each Guest must save a percentage of income towards future housing.
  • Technical Services that aid Guests in their job search; including use of mailing address, computers, telephone, and fax machines.