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Please note: The LPCS does not accept volunteers who are court-ordered to do community service hours.

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Lincoln Park Community Shelter

Volunteer Opportunities

Overnight Volunteer: This is a great way to catch up on that extra work you've been meaning to do! Overnight volunteers provide supervision for LPCS and our Guests from 9:00 PM - 6:30 AM on weekdays, and 9:00 PM - 8:00 AM on weekends. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and must interview and attend one of the monthly orientations before training. Overnight volunteers are needed 365 days of the year - but this activity does book up quickly. Volunteers are NOT expected to stay awake all night. You can read, work, watch TV, sleep, etc in a room separate from the Guests. Lights out for guests is 10:00 PM. For training, you will be paired with a veteran volunteer for your first overnight until you are comfortable on your own.

Front Desk/Reception: Work with shelter staff, Guests, and volunteers! The Front Desk Volunteer answers general phone inquiries and directs calls, oversees Guest and visitor sign in/out, and other light administrative projects as needed. Volunteers are needed from 2-6pm and 6-8pm Tuesday-Thursday; 9-12pm, 2-5pm, and 5-8 pm Fridays; and 11-2pm, 2-5pm, and 5-8pm Saturdays-Mondays. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and must interview and attend one of the monthly orientations before training.

Track Activities: Track Activities Volunteers teach one-hour classes that are focused on enhancing personal and professional life skills, and making a habit of engaging in positive leisure activities. In many cases, a syllabus is provided, and volunteers are welcome to bring their background and experience to assist in hosting the classes. We welcome new and fun ideas! Classes are held during the day and evening.

Financial Literacy: Financial Literacy Volunteers teach a three-class series on personal finance and budgeting and tutor guests individually on personal finance and budgeting. Classes are approximately an hour. Ideal volunteers have a background in finance, and feel comfortable guiding someone in figuring out how to promote financial stability in their own life. Classes are held during the week during the evening, and tutoring is scheduled on an individual bases.


Job Coach: A volunteer with significant experience in a job or field related to Guests’ interests. The Coach will work one on one with the Guest to advise them about the field, help make networking connections for the Guest,  provide materials or tools needed to begin work in the field, and help navigate the scope of a given job or job environment. Job coaches provide a guiding hand during the job search process, giving access to advice and resources related to the Guest's field of interest.

Goals: Coach and Guest will meet at least twice a month. The first meeting will be with a Case Manager on a “get to know each other” basis. This will include a general discussion of the field and the Guest’s goals. All subsequent meetings will have Guest and Coach working collaboratively to set future meeting dates and in making connecting and preparing for interviews in the field. Within 3 months of coaching, the volunteer will have made at least 3 connections for the Guest, which could include setting up an informational interview, attending a networking event together, an, gaining access to a job interview, or other general introductions someone in the field.

Peer Coach: A volunteer with a similar background or life experience in relation to mental/physical health issues and/or substance abuse issues will work with Guest in a one on one mentor/mentee setting. Peer coaches offer a support for Guests working through various mental/physical health issues and/or substance abuse recovery.

Goals: To offer emotional support and act as a mentor/friend to the Guest by having regular meetings (some outside of LPCS) and also by being available in some capacity on other occasions (via email, cell phone, or otherwise). The Peer Coach and Guest should meet at minimum twice a month.

Community Engagement Program (CEP) Supper Volunteer (Family Friendly): Purchase, prepare, and serve a hot supper for about 25-30 of our Community Clients. CEP encompasses both weekday appointments as well as a weekend program every Sunday at 2:00pm at St. Pauls Church, 2335 N. Orchard. Supper is served around 3:30pm. This is a great activity for groups of around 5 people.

Community Engagement Program (CEP) Hospitality: Come assist in facilitating a hot meal, showers, laundry, and other services for our Community Clients at this weekly Program. Weekend CEP happens every Sunday from 1:30-4:30pm at St. Pauls Church, 2335 N. Orchard. This is a great individual opportunity to connect with those in need.

Weekday Breakfast (Family Friendly): This is a great individual or group activity. Volunteers come in at 6:30am and breakfast is served Monday through Friday at 7:30am. Volunteers will purchase and serve breakfast for 20-25 guests, which is served buffet style. Volunteers can come in and cook a hot breakfast or simply bring in bagels and fruit. This is a great opportunity for Guests and volunteers to interact on an informal basis.

Sunday Hot Breakfast (Family Friendly): Great group activity! Volunteers come in at 7:30am and Hot Breakfast is served at 8:30am on Sundays. Volunteers purchase, prepare and serve breakfast to the guests of LPCS. The volunteer signing up for the Hot Breakfast opportunity should coordinate his/her own group of volunteers (no more than 10 people!) to provide the breakfast and beverages.

Sack Lunches (Family Friendly): Sack lunches are also needed on a daily basis. Purchase and prepare (at home) 30 lunches, and drop them off in the evening (must be scheduled in advance!). Staff distributes the lunches in the morning, for Guests to take with them as they leave for the day. Lunches generally include a sandwich, wrap, or soup, with a snack (granola, nuts, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc.), with a drink such as bottled water, and a piece of fruit. Please feel free to make the lunches as healthy as possible.

Saturday Hot Lunch Volunteers (Family Friendly): Great group activity! Hot Lunch is served at 1:30pm on Saturdays. Purchase, prepare and serve lunch to the guests of LPCS. The volunteer signing up for the Hot Lunch opportunity should coordinate her/his own group of volunteers (no more than 10 people!) to provide the lunch and beverages. You are welcome to bring extra food and eat with guests.

Dinner Volunteers (Family Friendly): This type of volunteer assignment works best with a group of 4-6 people, but no more than 10 (i.e. families, friends, co-workers, church groups). The meal leader should coordinate her/his own group of volunteers. We serve dinner nightly to our Guests. Meal volunteers prepare a meal that will serve at least 35 people. Volunteers are expected to plan, purchase, and prepare the food and drinks. You are welcome and encouraged to bring extra food and to eat with the Guests. The menu is up to you!

Group Volunteering (Family Friendly): Looking to volunteer with a school/corporate/friend group? Not sure how to get involved? LPCS has many opportunities great for groups up to ~10 people. Groups can volunteer for a one time meal or help with various tasks around the shelter (including organizing donations, light administrative tasks, etc.). Get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator to talk about what would work best for your group. (Volunteer groups can be under 18 years of age, as long as they are accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older)

Family Volunteering: Interested in volunteering with your family? Many LPCS volunteer opportunities are great for families! Kids have a great time playing games with Guests and helping serve meals. Family Volunteer opportunities include: making meals, preparing sack lunches, and organizing donation drives at school/work.


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