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Interim Housing Community
The Interim Housing Community serves up to 35 Guests each night year-round, 24 men and 11 women. In addition to meals and safe living space, the Interim Housing Community provides storage space, showers, and laundry facilities for Guests. There is a waiting list for individuals wishing to participate in this program. After completing an intake appointment, a person will be placed on the waiting list and will be asked to call each week until there is space available in the program. Once admitted, there is no time limit to length of stay, as long as the individual is making progress toward goals and following all rules and requirements.

Financial Literacy Program
Formerly known as the One on One Program, the Financial Literacy Program was created in 2000 and was administered by members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish. LPCS adopted it in February 2005. The program provides direct financial assistance to people moving out of their homeless condition and into permanent housing by partially supporting a security deposit or rent payment. The goal of the program is to help qualified, motivated applicants to obtain permanent or semi-permanent housing. 

Graduate Community
The Graduate Community offers Guests of the LPCS who have secured permanent housing access to continued services, including meals, rental assistance, donated items, case management and referrals, and the continued guidance and support of the LPCS community of staff, volunteers, and Guests. Bi-monthly, Graduates gather to prepare and serve dinner to current Guests. Many of our Graduates are also involved in a peer mentoring program for current Guests in transition; the support of our Graduates has consistently proven to be beneficial to all parties involved. 

Community Engagement Program
LPCS provides a valuable service in the Lincoln Park Community as a referral source and safe refuge for those in need. Neighborhood churches, hospitals and police direct people in need of assistance to the LPCS Community Engagement Program for resources addressing temporary housing and other services. CEP provides basic services such as showers, laundry, clothing, toiletries, Sunday dinner and wellness checks provided by UIC doctors, medical and pharmacy students one Sunday per month. CEP is held at LPCS’ satellite location on Sundays. 

Independent Community Living Program
The Independent Community Living Program (ICLP) is a permanent housing program operated under LPCS’ sister organization, Independent Community Living, LLC and funded through matching grants from HUD and local foundations. We are participating in the city-wide plan to end homelessness, working with providers across the city to prioritize the most vulnerable for housing. Residents of ICLP are found through Chicago’s Central Referral System—an online database—and are required to have a disabling condition, along with experiencing homelessness.

On Track Program
All guests of the Interim Housing Community are also enrolled in the On Track Program. The On Track Program challenges guests to address the reasons for homelessness and barriers to self-sufficiency by setting general guidelines along each Track. The On Track Program allows guests to see beyond the present and beyond immediate, basic needs to planning for the future, one in which the cycle of homelessness is broken.

The program is designed to address individual needs; each guest selects from the following Tracks, which indicate the primary goals a person will be working on while a guest of the LPCS. Many guests choose more than one Track.

Track 1: Addictions Recovery
Track 2: Mental & Physical Health
Track 3: Employment & Education

Each guest’s goal is to return to self-sufficiency through improved social functioning and independent living. Each Track has measurable outcomes, and includes assessment, goal-setting, referrals, educational groups tailored to each Track, advocacy, and follow-up for each guest.