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What’s New at LPCS

A Message from our Interim Executive Director, George Kuhlman:

Dear Friend of LPCS,

I have just concluded my first full calendar month of serving as the Lincoln Park Community Shelter’s Interim Executive Director.

I’ve been discovering the day-to-day details of how our Guests work with our skilled LPCS staff members to accomplish their goals.  Many of these are details that I hadn’t learned in my nineteen years of service on the LPCS Board of Directors; details that I hadn’t learned serving as a meal and overnight volunteer; and details that I hadn’t even had at my disposal over the years that I worked as a fundraiser and unapologetic promoter for LPCS.  Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but I will: I’m learning far more than I had ever expected I would.

My charge from the LPCS Board when I was hired was straightforward: keep the Shelter programs on track, maintain our standing as a good Lincoln Park neighbor, and support the Board in its ongoing commitment to helping homeless individuals make and sustain life changes.

Keeping the LPCS train on track has been pretty easy so far, because LPCS’s recently-departed former “conductor” Erin Ryan had already built a great staff, and together with them, had put solid management and organizing principles into action.  With the support and encouragement of generous neighbors, our Alderman Michelle Smith, and our Guests themselves, we are participating actively and constructively in the life of Lincoln Park. (If you were at last weekend’s “Summerfest,” for example, you may have run into numerous LPCS Guests who were working there as volunteers.) Finally, our Board and its committees are at their usual work, exploring new possibilities and maintaining our existing alliances, and at the less-than-usual work of finding a new, permanent Executive Director.

During this interim period, I enjoy having the chance to meet many more of our volunteers, donors, and partners than I’d been able to before.   If the spirit moves you, please call me with your comments and ideas, or visit me at 600 W. Fullerton.  And as always, thanks for being a friend of LPCS!.